Upload abd Embed Flash files

How to Embed SWF in Your WordPress Pages

If you are hosting your blog on WordPress.com then you are not able to upload flash for security reasons. You can however using your hosting account.

First, you need to download and install Easy Flash Embed for WordPress. The you use a shortcode when you are creating your pages like this:

How to increase the "maximum upload file size"

In this part we see how to increase the "maximum upload file size" limit in WordPress which was originally set at 8MB.

Open up File Manager and open up the folder wp-admin

Create a file php.ie if it does not exist

And the following code and save

Manual FTP Upload

In case the above method does not work, and you actually do have the needed storage space, then you could consider uploading the file (image, video, etc.) via FTP.

Step 1 – Upload the file with FTP

For this you will need an FTP client, like the free Filezilla (available for Windows, MacOS X and Linux).

Connect to your webserver and find a suitable location to store the file. Just make sure it’s located in the www or public_html directory, or a sub-directory of it. I would, if I had to, copy the file in the wp-content/uploads directory so it starys with my WordPress setup.

Step 2 – Add content to your WordPress page

WordPress does not know about this file, so the Media Library will be of no help and we will need to add it manually

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