Introduction to Wordpress Part 5

How to edit The Vantage Theme in File Manager

Open up File Manager

Now the WordPress files can be seen

Explore the File Manager

View the plugins and themes folders

Find the Vantage Folder

Open it

Find the style.css file for the Vantage Theme

Download this file for editing

Open this file in Notepad++

Be careful to safe an original copy

Search this file to find the main navigation menu

This starts at line 746

Changes can be made here to the Colour of the Vantage Theme

The line .main-navigation at 748 has a background colour of background: #343538;

Chance this

How to edit The Vantage Theme in File Manager to get rid of Site Origin link in the footer

Open up File Manager

Go to Parts

Edit the footer.php file

Save it in notepad++ as a .php file

In line 18 delete the words ... A SiteOrigin Theme

Upload the changed footer.php file

The Site Origin Theme is now removed

How to put Social media icons in the footer

Install new plugin Social Media Plugin

Go to Appearance> Widgets

Open up the Footer Box

Open up the Social Networking Box

Add the required urls to Media Icons

The will now be in the footer

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