Introduction to Wordpress Part 4

Edit other pages

Skills Page

Here we added 6 circle icons

Add image to Gallerys

we add images for our two gallery pages

Create Gallery

Click link to Media file and insert gallery

The image are in grid form

However there is no slide show

We need a plugin for a slideshow

We install Light box with color box

Go to Appearance and Click Lightbox

No lets work on the Contact Page

Use page builder and add plugin Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

Now we have a visual editor

Add Contact form by getting plugin Contact Form 7

we now have a new Contact form

Copy the contact form short code

Add Visual editor to contact box

Copy the short code

Add empty row to add space and a divider line

Add Map by using

Type in the location

Get the location and press the gear icon

Click embed map

Copy the code and paste it on to webpage

Change email address on contact form

Part 5